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Harmony Harvest founder AMI�fS back ground

Welcome to my site. My name is Ami, founder of Harmony Harvest.I will show you how we can maintain our life to be more alive and happy.

Let�fs me explain how I found way to be young and happy. I am 47 years old, but I don�ft have wrinkle on my face and skin has ability of elasticity and extensibility. My skin condition is getting much better than before. Means better condition than when I was young.

I used to a potter; made tons of pots, cups, plates�calso create my life very organic & natural. So, I made almost stuff by myself in natural way, means never shop at supper market to buy chemical food. Eat only organic foods or make organic cake, breads and soy miso�c. Made all my clothes, knit many jumpers by natural plant dye, picked up many herbs to made herbal tea to heal body. Off course, reform house as very organic looking. Basically I made all stuff which I need in my life.

Means I worked so hard. Imagine! How long hour�fs works prefer all work. Also I am dancer lover. Dance 10hours per a week after hard work. So, when I reach 30 years old, my body got really tiered and be old looking at that age!

I thought, Wait a minute! I avoid all chemical food, and eat really well. Why my face is getting old? Addition, I found small censer in body. What!

So, this is beginning to bring me into natural therapy world.

I found what is coursing to be old. This was my attitude. Too much stoic to do all�cso I need to slow down�cI started to study Zen thinking.

So, I started to do Yoga, Taichi, Breathing technique, meditation�cand then, I developed easy relaxing breathing technique called Ki kuu hou. This breathing excise brings more oxidants into our body to relax body and mind, and stimulate body metabolism. Many my students got very young and beautiful to do this easy excise.

Also stopped to do try hard. Just do thing in relax. Stopped to think and wish too much, just try to be natural like nature�f movement. Instead of force, feel and follow my heart. Say every morning to me, Good morning Ami, how you are beautiful and young. Then! My face and body stops to be aging. Off curse small cancer cells despaired.I made censer healing program by my self and do around 14days, then censer cells term into polyp.

Yes, I could!

One day, I met a friend who has not seen 5 years, he seemed lot of older. He said me. Why you are looking same as 5 years ago�c

Then, near 40 year, I moved Tasmania in Australia from Japan. Then I found really beautiful air, water, real essential oil, honey, organic herbs, wild harvest kelp and rosehips without any pollution. Not takes time for me to decide to develop top quality organic skin care products. At first, I made Rosehip Cream. During testing this cream, applied all cream to my face. 1 week after, my face became really smooth and wrinkleless. Before I never use any skin care product, because nothing existing the world what I like, that why my face skin was very dry with big pour. Similar to Elephant�cBut this Rosehip Moisture Cream moisture skin to be silky and smooth.

Waooo�c.. I did it.

This is my back ground and my passion to let�fs you involved in be young and happy!